Vitamin B1 may help diabetic kidney health: Study

High-dose vitamin B1 supplements may protect against kidney damage, a condition said to threaten one in three diabetics, according to a new study from England and Pakistan.. more

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Martians with Imunactiv

Multivitamin and multimineral with strawberry and orange flavors

  • positively influences the defence system of a child.
  • helps to ensure the healthy development of tissues, in particular bones, teeth, hair and skin.
  • helps to keep the vitality and overall good health condition of a child.
  • positively influences the memory capabilities of a child.
  • supports appetite for meals.

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What is Imunactiv?

Imunactiv is a unique complex of active elements commonly developed for the protection of children against colds, bacterial and viral diseases and for the strengthening and stimulation of their immunity system.

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